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Dr. Gregory A. Foster welcomes you to Foster Primary Eye Care in Black River Falls, and Neillsville, WI. We provide complete family eye care including contacts, eyeglasses, eye exams, treatment and management of disease and laser surgery. Our office also provides the pre-op consultation and follow-up visits for surgery centers such as TLC. We look forward to providing you and your family with the area's finest eye care. 

At Foster Primary Eye Care, we are a proud member of the Vision Source Network, a group of exemplary optometrists in North America. 

Complete contact lens care 

Young woman with contact lens
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One the biggest issues when it comes to contact lenses is hygiene. When contact lenses aren't maintained correctly not only are you damaging the contacts but you can also spread infection causing red, itchy eyes or even more serious problems. It is crucial that you only wear contact lenses that are prescribed by an eye doctor and that you clean them with the right solution. We will not only make sure you get the right contact lenses but we will also show the proper way to clean and wear them. 

Management and treatment of eye diseases

Optometrist examines the eye of a young woman
Diseases that once meant diminished vision or even blindness for generations of sufferers can now be brought under control through surgery or medication. We provide treatment and management of eye diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and astigmatisms. However, since most eye diseases have no symptoms, treating the condition is often easier than identifying it. That is why it's important to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with  Foster Primary Eye Care LTD so any disorders can be diagnosed and treated. 

Co-management of eye surgery, including laser refractive surgery

Patient in the operating room during ophthalmic surgery
When it comes to treating eye diseases and conditions there are a number of refractive laser surgery options available. Although LASIK is the best known there are other refractive surgeries that can correct everything from astigmatisms and cataracts to myopia and farsightedness. However, as with any surgery, it isn't a decision that should be entered into lightly. We evaluate each patient and recommend the procedure that offers the best chance of success. We will clearly communicate the benefits and the risks associated with laser surgery and give the benefit of our years of experience so you can make an informed decision. 
You don't have to live with poor eye sight. We offer a multitude of solutions that will meet your individual needs.  Your vision can be improved. Schedule an appointment with us and start seeing what you've been missing. 

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